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Grandmother’s Dressing

Posted by moderndaygourmet on August 31, 2007

This is another of my grandmother’s recipes.  It’s impossible to have Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner without it.  She passed away a number of years ago and we had no idea what we were going to do for dressing, until we remembered that one of my cousins had asked her for the recipe quite a while before.  Otherwise, I might never have the chance to eat it again.

1 onion
1 bunch celery
1 tablespoon butter
1 pan of baked cornbread (I use 3 packages of Martha White mix in a round iron skillet)
1 dozen baked biscuits
4 hardboiled eggs
2 raw eggs
Salt and pepper to taste
3/4 teaspoon poultry seasoning
1/2 small chopped apple
1 teaspoon sugar
3 tablespoons milk
3 cans chicken broth (approximately)

Saute onion and celery in butter. Crumble cornbread and biscuits into a large bowl and add onion and celery. Add eggs, seasonings, apple, sugar, and milk, stir to combine. Add chicken broth until all ingredients are just moistened. Adjust seasonings as needed. Place in baking dish and bake at 350 until done, about 30-40 minutes depending on how much liquid you used.


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