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Restaurant reviews – NYC

Posted by moderndaygourmet on October 5, 2007

Just a short post about a few other places I visited this past weekend and prior:

Grimaldi’s Pizza

This is in Brooklyn, right under the bridge. We spent a while walking around Brooklyn Heights to work up our appetite. Incidentally, a curious thing I have noticed about NYC restaurants is that they never seem to open before noon for lunch on weekends. I guess that is because so many people do brunch there? So, we got in line about 20 minutes till noon and it was a good thing. It is very popular and the line was way down the street by the time they opened. I liked the feel of this place as it was basic and unpretentious, which personally I tend to associate with good food. We got the pizza with sausage, olives and mushrooms. DH doesn’t like mushrooms and I don’t like olives, so we figured that one of each was fair. LOL. I did like this pizza but it wasn’t quite as good as the pizza I got at John’s on Bleeker. It was more watery somehow; I suppose from tomatoes not drained enough. The ingredients were obviously very fresh and it came steaming hot from the brick oven. We got the “small” pizza which was 16 inches and plenty for two people. I have read some reviews on Chowhound that say Grimaldi’s had started putting too much cheese on their pizza in an attempt to cater to the tourists, but I can’t say I agree with those comments. The cheese was in chunks, which is inferior to John’s since their cheese was more evenly dispersed. All in all a good meal, but given the choice I would go back to John’s. On future visits I would like to try Joe’s on Carmine and Patsy’s in Harlem, as well as possibly DiFara in Brooklyn even though it is quite a hike. Some say DiFara is the best pizza you can find but it is a matter of whether you’re willing to spend two hours round trip just for a pizza.

Shake Shack

I wish we had a place like the Shake Shack at home. It’s great fun because it’s outdoors and you walk up and order your food from the little shack and then go sit at one of the tables surrounding it in the park. It’s only open from spring to fall because you can imagine how many people want to sit outside and eat a burger in January in NYC. We stood in line about 30 minutes which is about average from what I understand, and then it took quite a while after that to get our food. I took that as a sign of their making everything to order. We had burgers and fries but no shakes. I thought the burgers were quite good, very fresh and a good size. DH complained that they were too small but personally I think most places these days give you too much burger. When I have to always eat only half and take the rest home, there is something wrong. The fries were good, crispy and well seasoned, but I was a bit disappointed that they were frozen, not freshly made on the premises. Still, they tasted good. This is where In N Out burger has the edge over Shake Shack.

Overall it was good food and a fun experience to eat outdoors since the weather was very nice that evening. I’d go back again.

Katz’ Deli

This is an institution in NYC; the classic old Jewish deli. When we went there, it was a madhouse. It’s always a madhouse. You stand in line and tell the guy cutting meat what you want and he will give you a taste, then make your sandwich. You’re lucky if you can snag a table. This was without a doubt the best pastrami sandwich I have ever eaten. It was huge – two of us shared it and an order of fries and it was plenty of food. The fries were quite good which is not something you usually associate with NYC delis.

Virgil’s BBQ

One word; stay away. How could I have thought that NYC would have good barbecue? Hello, I’m from Texas. The time I went here, I actually had reservations at a good place a ways away but it was pouring rain and I knew I could never get a cab, so I just said the heck with it and ate here since it was right across the street from my hotel Bad decision. The sides and bread actually weren’t bad (garlic mashed potatoes and fried okra if I recall) but the meat was not good. It was tough and stringy and I did not care for the flavor of the sauce at all. Since my hotel was near Times Square I suspect this place caters strongly to tourists from the South who just can’t go a day without eating barbecue.


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