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Seattle restaurants

Posted by moderndaygourmet on March 5, 2008

I was in Seattle for work this week and got to try a couple of good places. Seattle’s downtown is similar to Dallas, which is to say, not much action after business hours, but there are a few good places to eat at least, so I didn’t have to drive anywhere.

The first night, I went to Sazerac. Turned out they were participating in this “30 for $30” local restaurant promotion, so I ended up ordering off that menu. The “30 for $30” is similar to Restaurant Week in many other cities, including Dallas and NYC, where restaurants participate in a promotion in which they offer a special menu at reduced prices, which hopefully inspires more people to try their restaurants. This menu had wine flights to go with the food courses and I ordered that as well. I started with the Caesar salad. I know that’s not too adventurous but I was in the mood for one. It was fine, but I don’t love Caesar salads with the leaves left whole, so I have to cut them. Nevertheless – a regular Caesar, as expected. That was served with an Abbey Paige chardonnay. The main course was the grilled hangar steak with horseradish stone-ground grits. The steak was cooked perfectly and the grits were really tasty with just enough bite from the horseradish. For dessert I ordered the “Small Box of Brownies, Cookies and Sweet Thangs” mostly because I just had to know what exactly constituted such a thing. It turned out to be brownies, gingersnaps, and a sugar/almond brittle type of thing, very similar to what is usually used to make baskets for ice cream, berries and such. All of it was tasty but it was too much for just me; I finished only about half of it. They served that with sherry. I don’t normally drink sherry but this was pretty good; just sweet enough to go with dessert.

The next night I went to Tulio, which was highly recommended on Chowhound. I had eaten a big lunch from my client meeting so I wasn’t really very hungry. So, I decided to have just an appetizer and dessert. That turned out to be just enough food. I had the sweet potato gnocchi – delicious, perfectly crispy on the outside and the butter was a great accompaniment. I told the waiter I wanted a glass of Chardonnay, fruity and not too dry, and I got exactly what I asked for. For dessert I had the crostata (pear tart, with honey gelato) which was delicious. And it was not a huge portion, which is a typical problem with desserts. It was sort of like a mini galette (French free-form tart) with the fruit wrapped up in the pastry. Also, their focaccia bread was terrific. I had a hard time not filling up on it!


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