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Ecofriendly meat

Posted by moderndaygourmet on March 16, 2008

OK, I’m no bleeding heart, but I do try to be somewhat conscious of supporting ethical practices in meat-raising; being an animal lover and parent of three dogs, I feel it’s only right that if I am going to eat meat that I at least be humane about it. Not to mention, this kind of meat is healthier anyway.

We recently ordered some meat from La Cense Beef. This company deals in grass-fed beef that is raised on ranches, not in feedlots. They had a special at the time where they would give you 8 free hamburgers; you just had to pay for shipping. So I ordered some and we really did like them. Some people say that grass-fed beef tastes weird or is really dry, but I didn’t experience that. It’s really intriguing how much lower in fat and calories grass-fed beef is as compared to grain-fed beef. I will probably order some more and some different cuts of meat. It’s kind of expensive, but as with anything else, you get a better price with a larger order.

Something that I want to try, but have not yet, is grass-fed bison. I have a friend who is a vegetarian, but once a year or so, they order some meat from North Star Bison as a special treat. From what I understand, grass-fed buffalo is pretty much the ultimate in ecofriendly and humanely raised meat. This company has other types of meat too, like chicken and turkey and also more exotic things like elk and ostrich. It’s very interesting.

So that’s what I’ve been mulling over lately. I believe that God created these animals for food for us, but I have to think, isn’t His will closer to their being naturally raised and then eaten, rather than crowded into feedlots, eating grain that is not their intended diet? Like I said, I’m no bleeding heart and certainly not a PETA activist, but this just makes sense.

ETA: I found another ranch here that has grass-fed beef and this one is near Dallas.

And a couple more here and here


One Response to “Ecofriendly meat”

  1. laura said

    I’ve been doing more of the same lately (although I’m probably more of a bleeding heart than you! lol!).

    I always tended to separate the meat I eat from the animal, and I think that is probably normal. But now I want to eat meat that I know had a good life and was ethically raised & slaughtered. I want to know where it lived & what it ate.

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